Sterling Farms Men’s Club – Meeting Minutes – 2-15-2023

Attendees: Joe McHugh, Seizo Mazer, Jonathan Arist, Pete Silver, Mitchell Schepps, Matt Stendardi, Howard Kraus, Dave Persaud, Justin Beal, Bill Ward, Jimmy Romaniello, Bart Weissman, Greg Collins, John McGroarty, Chris Terzian

Honorary Member: Bekim Ukparaj

New Members: Tristan Chang


Meeting Start: 7:02

Meeting End: 8:22


  1. Operating Budget
    1. YTD $10k in revenue ($8800 from membership, $1k from sponsorships)
  2. Shotgun Events confirmed for Member / Member and 2 Member / Guest tournaments
    1. Look for potential to have a 7:30AM start instead of 8AM to finish by 1PM
  3. The Stillery
    1. Bart and Joe meeting with Ari this week to negotiate better rates on food and beverages for club tournaments 
  4. Tournament Committee needs tournament captains to help coordinate events and execution
    1. Opening Event – Need a volunteer for tournament captain
    2. Governor’s Cup – Bart to take responsibility for Governor’s Cup with assistance from Tournament committee
  5. Raffle and 50/50
    1. Mitchell and Bart to discuss options (jncluding whether or not to ask Pro Shop staff) to manage raffles, prizes, money collection, etc.
  6. Survey Results
    1. Most non-residents have a tough time pairing up
      1. Look at Message Board option on GolfGenius as a possible solution for this
      2. Email List – Refresh at beginning of the season and get list members to opt-in to avoid requests to be removed during the season.
    2. Tournament Format Changes –
      1. President’s Cup & VP Cup – 
        1. President’s Cup to become a Gross competition
        2. VP Cup to become a Net competition
        3. Motion that players must choose upfront which competition to participate in.
      2. Club Championship – 
        1. Senior Flight – 36-hole stroke play event
        2. Need to decide if seniors can “double dip” on points
        3. Consider raising Senior flight age to 55 from 50
        4. Tournament Committee to discuss and put forward a motion at next meeting.
  7. Communications
    1. Website – Need to take ownership of website from Jamie
      1. Dave, Seizo and Matt to manage website going forward.
      2. Dave / Seizo to work with Jamie on transferring site to SFMC ownership.
    2. YouTube Rules Videos
      1. Dave registered an SFMC YouTube (@sterlingfarmsmc) page
      2. Communications committee to start developing video and identify best format to create (ie. 6 3-hole focused videos with rulings, 3 6-hole videos, individual hole videos, etc.)
  8. Community Service
    1. Chris Terzian presented idea to create golf club donation program to local charities
      1. First Tee Program – Jimmy Romaniello to assist in donating clubs to local high school golf teams and First Tee program
    2. Scholarship program – tabled until 2024 season
  9. Rules Committee
    1. Seminar – Sunday, April 16 – Dressing Room Theatre – MGA is coming
      1. 90-minute presentation
      2. Not being charged for this
      3. Email communication to go out
      4. Donation bucket will be out for contributions to the Curtain Call program
  10. Bulletin Board – Communication Committee to work on this
    1. Updates for the Bulletin Board
      1. Meet the Board – pictures and profiles of board members to be displayed so membership is aware of board 
      2. Pictures of members playing to drive recognition and pride amongst membership
      3. Replicate most important information from the website
  11. City Championship
    1. Bekim confirmed June 24-25, 2023 dates

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