SFMC Scholarship Program 2024

Scholarship Awards:
To help with the high costs of higher education, the Sterling Farm’s Men’s Club (SFMC) is pleased to announce that it will award two $1,000 scholarships, to be used for qualified school expenses, to high school seniors and other eligible applicants as described below planning to attend a college or trade school in Fall of 2024. 

Scholarship Committee:

Chairman: Jim Romaniello

Members: Matt Stendardi, Bill Ward, Bart Weissman, Joe McHugh


  • A high school senior who is currently a junior member of the SFMC.
  • A high school senior whose parent or legal guardian is an active member of SFMC.
  • A high school senior whose parent or legal guardian is an employee of Sterling Farms Golf Course during 2023 and 2024.
  • An active employee of Sterling Farms Golf Course pursuing an undergraduate degree.
  • A current college/trade school student who is an active SFMC member/employee/or child of

Scholarship awards may be renewed up to three (3) additional years provided the recipient remains enrolled in college or trade school and the recipient, parent, or legal guardian remain an active member of the SFMC or an employee of Sterling Farms Golf Course.

Award Criteria:
The Scholarship Committee will consider the following criteria when evaluating applications:

  • Applicants will submit a written essay introducing themself and describing any specific goals the applicant wishes to achieve in school or in life; or a challenge they have overcome that has had a meaningful impact on them or their family.
  • Applicant’s academic record.
  • Applicant’s school, activities, and community service.

Award recommendations will be presented to the SFMC Board of Governors for final award determination.

Application Deadline:
Scholarship Applications must be received by June 1 – emailed to: SFMC@sterlingfarmsmc.com

Award Notification:
Scholarship winners will be announced no later than July 1



Please forward any questions to the Scholarship Committee Chairman at either SFMC@sterlingfarmsmc.com or call/text at (203) 912-1050.

To Apply:

Please download the SFMC Scholarship Application here. Once completed, please email to SFMC@sterlingfarmsmc.com