January 2014 Minutes

January 2014 SFMC Minutes of 1/14/14 Meeting @ 7:30pm

Major Goals for 2014
• Increase Membership
• Increase Participation in Major Events
• Reduce Costs

SFMC lost approx. $1500 per event in the Member/Member & Member Guest. Board discussed reducing Member/Member fee to $65 per person and raising the Member/Guest fee to $85 per person. Suggestion of raising the member fees minimally. No decision was reached and was tabled for more discussion.

Also discussed keeping the food portion of the above events on property as the Italian Center was considerably more expensive.

E Clubhouse by MGA –

Jeff gave a brief overview of the E Clubhouse software that was presented to us by the MGA. The software is designed for its users to register for membership, pay dues, sign up for events, scoring and the its main feature is Tournament Pairing Program (TPP). It seems that the site is not fully functional and probably will not be until March or April at which time we will do more in depth testing.

Frank Rubino:
Tournaments – Set up a preliminary schedule for weekend & major SFMC events. They are subject to change and will be reviewed at a future meeting.

Proposed that we make it mandatory that for the weekly events a participant must put down the date played and tee time when they write their name on the sheet or they will be DQ’d.

John McGroarty suggested maybe trying “Sucker in the Bucket” type of weekend event. More discussions to follow.

Marc Schultz suggested a $5.00 cash “50/50” raffle for closest to pin on the weekends only to generate some interest and to produce some more revenues. The Board thought that is was a very good idea and will discuss in future meetings.

Meeting adjourned @ 8:50pm

In Attendance: Jeff Mayfield, Steve Carriero, Joe Sargis, Stuart Bufferd, Frank Rubino, Mitchell Schepps, Pete Silver, Howard Kraus, John McGroarty, JR, Marc Schultz, Bart Weissman, Tom Aberle

Not Present: Chris Verlander, Bob Morris, Billy Lombardo, Ed Roloff, Jimmy Romaniello, Steve Scorziello

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