Attendance: Joe McHugh, Jack McGroarty, Bart Weissman, Pete Silver, Greg Collins, Chris Terzian, Howard Kraus, Seizo Mazer, Jonathan Arist, Andrew Snyder, Dave Persaud, Matt Stendardi, Jimmy Romaniello Joe Paladino, Bekim Ukperaj

Not In Attendance: Mitch Schepps, Bill Duggan, Tristan Chang, Bill Ward, Bob Fogel, John McGroarty, Joe Sargis

Meeting Began at 7 pm


  • Etiquette
    • Use of facilities at the golf course and offices – very important to respect and leave as found!
    • Any discrepancies are general dealings – approach EACH issue with positive intent
    • New Issues or endeavors specifically are all tests and experiences to learn and grow
  • Finished the year with 435 MEMBERS IN THE 2023 SFMC!!!! A +11% increase vs. 2022
  • Based on current YTD P&L from Pete (with definite adjustment as pro shop didn’t bill for last event as of mtg etc) , club will operate at a profit of roughly +$200 pending additional year end expenses
  • Closing Event – no fee for entry due to conditions etc…$500 from surplus from club used for Purse Prizes
  • Player of the Year – no greens fees to competitors, John McG officiating, Simon dropped out – 7 competitors – 9:30 & 9:40 times
  • Silly Season – all events are $20 a man to enter – register and pay on Golf Genius – Top 5 Gross/Net Prizes
    • Shamble 10/18, 10/19 – 10/21 – make your own tee times
    • Mike Golden’s Revenge – Saturday Oct 28th – Black Tees (Seniors Blue Tees) – Tee Times assigned
    • 3-Club – Sunday, 11/5 – add $15 to entry for Food/Bev last hurrah event? – Tee Times assigned
  • 2024 Board of Governors…
    • All but Bill Duggan are returning to serve the SFMC in 2024
    • Vote for 2024 New Board Member to fill Bill Duggan’s place
  • 2024 Officer & Chairmen Roles
    • President – Joe McHugh
    • 1st VP – Mitch Schepps
    • 2nd VP – Dave Persaud
    • Secretary – Jack McGroarty
    • Treasurer – Pete Silver
    • Membership – Howard Kraus
    • Rules – John McGroarty
    • Handicap – Greg Collins*
    • Tournament – Bart Weissman
  • *Handicap Chairman Position & Committee:
    • Greg Collins taking over for Bill Duggan – Chris Terzian joins the Committee in support
    • Will have harder line rules on not posting your score(s) in Qualifiers and other events for 2024 – several examples from this year alone
  • Golf Genius – all board members learn the basics
    • 2024 Goal –  Each member runs 1-2 tournaments throughout the year
    • Possible deletion of # of tourneys played from record (faulty result due to manual manipulation necessary for POY points etc)
  • Scholarship Fund
    • Smith Richardson as an example of success
    • Part of SFMC Membership Fee registration with chance to add donation
    • Summer Shamble to benefit the fund?
    • Jimmy Romaniello agreed to lead for the club
  • Memorializing Tony Tedesco
    • Will discuss with Hubbard Heights on how best to pay tribute
  • November Meeting – Sheriff McHugh is absent – VP coverage to run meeting – Dave/Mitch
  • Meeting ended at 7:55pm

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