SFMC Board of Governors
September 2023
Date/Time/Location: Tuesday, September 12 th Board Room; 7PM

In attendance:
Joe McHugh, Bekim Ukperaj, Mitch Schepps, Dave Persaud, Bart Weissman, John McGroarty,
Howard Kraus, Bill Duggan, Greg Collins, Bob Fogel, Seizo Mazer, Joe Paladino, Matt Stendardi,
Joe Sargis, Bill Ward, Jonathan Arist
Not in attendance:
Jack McGroarty, Jim Romaniello, Tristan Chang, Chris Terzian, Andrew Snyder

Agenda / Notes
1) Meeting began promptly at 7pm
2) State of Club (Joe M)
a. Membership Update (434)
i. Continue to receive new members who are joining to institute a GHIN number and establish handicaps
ii. Charging the junior rate to cover the MGA cost
iii. Membership is up +11% vs. 2023
b. YTD Revenue & Expenses (Joe & Pete)
i. Club is projecting a small profit of $861 as of 9/11

3) Tournament Updates
a. Feedback on Sr Club Championship (Bekim)
i. Due to slow play, the men’s club will not have reserved tee times for this event next year
ii. Tournament committee will need to rethink format for 2024
iii. Will need discuss reinstating penalties for slow play in the offseason

b. Club Championships / Players not posting scores (Bart/Pete)
i. Bill Duggan contacted Ryan Loechner about the responsibility of posting scores and adjusting his index ahead of his final CC match
ii. Ryan Loechner is a new member and not fully aware of his responsibility. Was apologetic.
iii. For 2024, the handicap & rules committee must organize a system to police handicapping especially for major events

c. Shoreline (Joe)
i. No issues / team meeting held after the board meeting
d. Closing Event (Matt)
i. Matt to reach out to board members for assistance on day of event with proximities, raffle, scorecards, etc

e. Player of Year (Joe)

i. Event moved to Sunday, October 15 th due to aerification as well as Pro Shop 50/50 tournament

f. Silly Season (Bart)
i. Bart to provide an outline of events by w/o 9/25 so we can communicate to membership and begin signups

g. Season Long (Joe)
i. POY points for 2024 – board approved
ii. Using positive balance to fund or trophies for gross & net winner (currently at $260) – board rejected

4) Board of Governors
a. Identify governors who will step down at EOY
b. Officer & Chairman Roles
i. Please email Joe with your intentions for 2024 for those at the end of their term as well as for officers/chairmen holding key positions
ii. Dave Persaud has agreed to lead Golf Genius in 2024 and relieve Mitch of his responsibility…SINCERE THANK YOU AND APPRECIATION TO MITCH FOR HIS LEADERSHIP AND HARD WORK WITH GOLF GENIUS OVER THE PAST 3 YEARS!!!

5) Need a volunteer to handle trophy engraving for our major awards displayed in the trophy house
a. Tristan Chang has volunteered
6) Other Items
a. Bob Fogel raised a concern of seniors playing from the wrong tees…playing whites when they signed up for blue tees entitling them to an extra shot
i. Will need to address this in the offseason as we develop the tournament calendar
7) Meeting ended promptly at 8pm
8) Shoreline team met at 8:05pm to review the format of the event and distribute team shirts
9) Shoreline team left at 8:30pm, lights off and door to golf authority offices was locked at precisely 8:31pm and confirmed with a text to Bekim

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