May 20 – May 22: Best Ball of 2

GROSS     NET    
Gross   Gross   Net   Net
Finish Name Score   Finish Name Score
1st Tom Aberle 69   1st Panos Triantafyllos 61
  Skip Williamson       Jamie Russo  
2nd Eric Bleile 74   2nd Hal Zerman 61
  Bart Weissman       Dave Zerman  
3rd Marc Schultz 76   3rd Brian Stunkel 61
  Steve Carriero       Terry Rhodes  
4th Bill Duggan 76   4th Steve Osmond 63
  Seth Burston       Eric Bouris  
5th Ralph Vitti 77   5th Pat Francis 64
  Dennis Vagnone       Ed Lynam  
        6th Art D’Estrada 64
          Brian Rossi  
        7th Bill Ward 64
          David Vandyke

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2017 Opening Event Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Opening Event. We had a beautiful day and lots of great scores. (A record low gross to my ...