Attendees: Joe McHugh, Dave Persaud, Jack McGroarty, Greg Collins, Matt Stendardi, Chris Terzian, Jimmy Romaniello, Bart Weissman, Mitchell Schepps, Seizo Mazer, Pete Silver, 

Meeting start: 7:02 pm

Meeting end: 8:04 pm

  1. New Member Direction / Instruction is key moving forward. We feel we’ve done well, but how can we be better? (Messaging / inclusion / retention)
    1. ~10 board members to play with new members @ Opening Event
  2. Website Updates and up-to-date
    1. Meeting Minutes and Standings for visibility
    2. Try best to have everything real-time including POY Standings
  3. Forum – not been effective so far – I’ve personally used it and tracked for responses, but with no notifications people don’t keep it top of mind.
    1. In theory this SHOULD be a phenomenal way to work around how hard it is to get tee times for a golfer and his playing partner to attest for Weekly’s – how can we improve?
    2. Dave / Tristan to explore new forum options / alternatives in new website update
  4. Pairings & Opponents for Events (i.e. Club Champ and Gov Cup)
    1. ZERO Tolerance Policy – 4 weeks to plan, set a date and a rain date and at Zero Dark Thirty it goes to a coin flip – no questions asked.
    2. Board is not responsible any longer to mediate and fix issues amongst opponents. If you don’t have available a reasonable amount of dates for play to offer your partner, do not sign up for the event.
  5. Handicap Committee 
    1. Handicap Validity – including a lite Audit (i.e. how many times players this week/month vs how many scores entered into GHIN) – Greg C chairing this effort!
    2. Handicap Limits per Field and per Event (i.e. Interclub and within specific flights, limiting the standard deviation for better competition)
  6.  POY Points – one of main “gripes” on survey
    1. Majors decrease by 20%?
    2. Less weight toward majors has been requested along with an increase in Weekly Points with thought that playing alone more effectively determines your success on the golf course.
  7. Governor’s Cup
    1. Gross Field Optional? In past it was auto if under certain handicap for the top flight
    2. Maximum Combined Handicap?
  8. Pres Cup
    1. Move back to net?
      1. Consensus was leaning toward NO
  9. Golf Genius
    1. Dave and Jack to manage
    2. Mitch, Seizo, Matt, Greg volunteered at meeting to handle weekly event setup.
      1. Events will be assigned to members on a rotating basis to ensure coverage.

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