SFMC Board of Governors

June 2024

Date/Time/Location: Tuesday, June 11th Board Room; 7PM

In Attendance:

Joe McHugh, Bart Weissman, Dave Persaud, Mitch Schepps, Tristan Chang, Bill Ward, Jim Romaniello, John McGroarty, Howard Kraus, Greg Collins, Jonathan Arist, Andrew Snyder, Seizo Mazer, Chris Terzian, Jack McGroarty, Joe Paladino, Bob, Fogel, Matt Stendardi, Bekim Ukperaj


Pete Silver, Joe Sargis

Meeting Started Promptly at 7PM – Run of Meeting

Working Agenda

  1. State of Club (Joe M)
    1. Membership Update (Joe)
      1. 392 members (down 5.5% vs. Yago)
    2. Scholarship Update (Joe)
      1. Funds ($9,379)
      2. Applications (1) 
        1. Jack Chapman (son of John Chapman)
    3. YTD Revenue & Expenses (Joe / Pete Silver)
      1. Estimated shortfall <$5K
        1. Shoreline ($2K)
        2. Member Member ($2K)
        3. Membership Shortfall ($1K)
  2. Tournament Updates
    1. Feedback on Member Member
      1. pace of play AGAIN; this time with watchful eyes seeing out of play golfers continuing on and wasting time in 2-man event
         – reading putts only when it’s their turn; do it before your turn
         – lack of etiquette and disrespect to the Marshals and Bek – unacceptable and falls on Board Members to scold those they know who does this. We have to be the change or force the changes.
    2. Member Guest
      1. Pro Shop running sign up and Proximity
      2. Dave and Jack selling raffles tickets prior at separate table away from reg
             – need 2 volunteers for after and luncheon to sell tickets (Tristan Chang?)
      3. Messaging to go out for Mem-Guest re:
            – 7:45 shotgun w/ 7:30 registration, if not in cart at 7:45 you are late and ineligible or you forfeit a hole or you are banned from next major tourney.
            – also can be disciplined and suspended from course or a future tournament if lack of etiquette and/or disrespect takes place
            – food issues and we have an IOU out with The Stillery to remedy for Mem-Member
    3. Shoreline
      1. Shoreline Tournament entry fee raised for first time in years.
        1. Must make some of this up in aggressive raffle sales and Tee Sign sales – amongst other Business Development by individuals. 
        2. Matt S running point on this but all members should be reaching out and trying to 1. Sell sponsorships and 2. Find manufacturer and printer.
        3. Jack to call Rich Fulton at Chillybear and Screen Print on Hamilton Ave in Greenwich
      2. Player of the Year Standings
        1. not updated to reflect Member Member or Club Champ (Gov Cup?)
        2. Dave/Jack to update this week in GG to reflect the first 2 round victories and point allocation
    4. President Cup / VP Cup Finals 
      1. tee sheet went out and sign ups are closed, members to get their own times
      2. Bek to secure Tee Times (10am hour) for finals (July 14th)
  3. Community Service / First Tee 
    1. First Tee Update
      1. low turnout
    2. Divot Filling Part 1 – Matt Stendardi
      1. July 10th @6:30PM
  4. Rules / Handicap
    1. Updates on course penalty areas for holes 11-12
      1. Not finalized by SGA board
  5. Board of Governors
    1. President 
      1. Need to divide responsibilities across board to not overburden and overwhelm the president

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