SFMC Board of Governors

May 14, 2024

Place/Time: Sterling Farms Board Room: 7pm Start / 8:45pm Finish

In attendance: Joe McHugh, Jack McGroarty, John McGroarty, Pete Silver, Greg Collins, Bekim Ukperaj, Chris Terzian, Bill Ward, Tristan Chang, Joe Paladino, Joe Sargis, Bob Fogel, Seizo Mazer, Howard Kraus, Matt Stendardi, Mitchell Schepps, Andrew Snyder, Jonathan Arist, Jim Romaniello,

 Note in Attendance: Bart Weissman, Dave Persaud,

  • State of Club (Joe M)
    1. Membership #s
      1. 378 total members (down 6% vs. Yago (404))
      2. 72 new members (75 Yago)
    2. Scholarship Fund #s
      1. $8,220
      2. 28% participation rate
      3. $10 most common donation
  • Tournament Committee
    1. Opening Event Feedback (All)
      1. Board Members NEED to volunteer to spot and Ranger after early times to assist in pace of play. Agree on a minimum number of 4 board members.  Jack will run point on this to organize for Closing Event.
    2. Summer Rules Transition / Bunker Rule Change
      1. Board agreed to move to Summer Rules…play the ball down in fairways
      2. Board agreed to modify the Bunker Rule…play the ball down unless you are in a foot print. Majority of playing group needs to align that it’s a foot print.  If fried egg…play it down.  If fried egg in a foot print…foot print supersedes and free relief
    3. Club Championship (Bart)
      1. Board aligned for the last handicap division (D Flight) to play from White Tees
      2. Mitch to send out a communication
    4. Member Member (Bart)
      1. Event is sold out with 2 team on waitlist
      2. Pro Shop will run day of event
    5. Changes to Weekly Event Schedule
      1. Moved one of the Pres/VP Cup qualifiers to be same weekend as City Champ for ease
      2. Best Ball of Two moved to align to the MET NET qualifier
      3. Reinstated Stroke Play from the Gold Tees
  1. Senior Division & Use of Gold Tees by Members 70+ (Bob Fogel)
    1. Will reassess in offseason if any adjustments to be made
    2. Will continue to monitor payouts for adjustments…to date it has been proportional
  • Scholarship Committee (Jimmy)
    1. Will send out another email communication to drive attention as well as make an announcement at Member Member
      1. Jimmy will also bring to attention to the Westhill Golf Team
      2. All board members to reach out to members they know with high school seniors
    2. Donation drives
      1. Add option to sign-up registration for Member Guest
      2. 50/50 raffles at both Member Member & Member Guest
  • Membership & Rules Committee
    1. May 23rd Social for New Members (Howard)
      1. 17 new members committed – Board Members who can attend should
    2. Bulletin Boards (Howard)
      1. Refresh pictures on a monthly basis
  • Handicap Committee (Greg)
    1. Greg & Bob have been leading audits of Governor Cup rounds
    2. Education is needed on how and when to post with Golf Genius rounds that are not weekly events
  • Community Service
    1. First Tee Update (Chris T)
      1. Donation drive to take place on Sunday, June 2nd.
      2. Email to be sent to club to drive awareness.
      3. Instructions are to bring upstairs to the office, but will need board members to volunteer to help organize and carry the equipment at start, finish, and tent
  • Other
    1. Tony Tedesco Memorial Tournament (Joe M)
      1. Board approved to have on course signage to support the event
    2. Connecticut Cigar Co. (Joe M)
      1. Board approved to have CCC onsite at both Member Member and Member Guest to roll and hand out cigars to members and guests
    3. President Plaque Update (John Mc)
      1. On schedule to be completed by end of May
      2. Will be displayed inside the trophy house at the first hole

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