March 2015 Minutes

3/10/2015 Sterling Farms Men’s Club Meeting – 7:30 pm

In Attendance; Jeff Mayfield, Steve Carriero, Joe Sargis, Stuart Bufferd, Frank Rubino, Mitchell Schepps, Bob Morris, Pete Silver, Howard Kraus, John McGroarty, JR, Marc Schultz, Bart Weissman, Steve Scorziello, Tom Aberle, Howard Meditz, Seizo Mazer & Chris Pulaski

Absent; Billy Lombardo & Jimmy Romaniello

Jeff Mayfield:

Brought to a vote that the Sterling Farms Men’s Club would donate $200 to The Lou Argenio Scholarship Fund. The motion was approved.

Discussed having a Club Champion  Board with the club champion’s name and year hung in The Players Club for current and recent past Club Champions.  Bart Weissman is looking into the cost and will report back to the board.

Since the Men’s Club is doing away with the weeklong, white tee tournament, board discussed the need to adjust the handicap categories for standard weekend events.  Agreed that since white tee participation was so low, there was no need for adjustment at this time.


Discussed  whether to have the Club Championship Match be 18 holes or retain the current 36 hole format. After a discussion the board decided to keep the current format of a 36 hole match.

Discussed whether or not to change the qualifying format for the championship flight to two, stroke-play qualifying rounds, low 15 plus last year’s champ make the field.  More discussion needed.  Agreed to possibly implement this idea next year.

Bob Morris opened discussion on the idea of having a putting contest for the opening event and/or the member-guest tournament.  The issue is when to hold the event where there would be the most participants with the least amount of disruption to the flow of the event and other golfers coming to play at Sterling. A suggestion was made to add $5.00 to the cost of the event and everyone would have one putt from a distance of 25-30 ft. with the top 5 finishers winning prize money. Further discussion to take place.

Suggestions moving the Opening Event from April 18 to April 25 because of the weather.  Board voted to approve.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm


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