2015 First Annual Rules Seminar

On Tuesday, August 11, the Sterling Farms Men’s Club held it’s first annual rules seminar. Hosted by our rules guru, and rules chairman, Howie Meditz, a crowd of about 30 were all ears for two full hours of covering the USGA rules and how they pertain to Sterling Farms. All who attended left with a better understanding of the rules of golf and many left with a few ways to use the rules to their advantage. One of the highlights was on hole #7 where the creek is on the right. If your ball enters the hazard on the right side of the creek, rather than dropping on the rocks, and downslope, and also having to navigate the overhanging trees, you can drop on the other side of the hazard equidistance from the hole and avoid all of that giving yourself a clear look at the green and no downslope, nor rocks, to play your next stroke from.


One rule that we’ve almost all have broken, and continue to do, in a team competition, is stand behind our playing partner as they putt or hit a chip. This is in breach of rule 14-2b where a playing partner, nor nor caddy, cannot stand on the intended line of play, unless it is inadvertent. The line of play extends from the hole to the player to infinity. The line of play ends at the hole, meaning, your partner, or caddy, can stand on the opposite side of the hole of the intended line. So, no standing behind your partner to see exactly how the putt breaks but you can stand on the opposite side of the hole to get a look at it!


After an hour and fifteen minutes, Howie asked everyone of they wanted to end the seminar since it was getting late. Everyone objected and demanded he continue! Howie, the rules aficionado that he is, went for another hour straight and the gallery was all ears. The rules seminar was a success and everyone extended their thanks to Howie and the Men’s Club for hosting the event and were eager to learn of when the next seminar will take place. With the success of the first seminar, you can expect more in the future as Howie loves the rules of golf and sharing his knowledge with the other members of the Men’s club as well as players who regularly play the course as each seminar is open to everyone. We hope to see you at the next one!












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