Attendees: Joe McHugh, Mitch Schepps, Dave Persaud, Jack McGroarty, Bart Weissman, John McGroarty, Howard Kraus, Greg Collins, Bill Ward, Chris Terzian, Jonathan Arist, Andrew Snyder, Joe Sargis, Seizo Mazer, Bob Fogel, Bekim Ukperaj, Joe Paladino, Matt Stendardi

Absent: Jim Romaniello, Tristan Chang, Pete Silver

Meeting Start: 7pm / Meeting End: 8:35pm


  • 2024 Committees
    1. NOTES / FOLLOW UP: chairmen to form their committees by Feb meeting and report back with list of members. Replace communication committee with scholarship committee in by-laws as communication is mostly handled by President
    2. Form committees of up to 2 BOG + Chairman to help with (listed are the 2023 committee chairmen and members)
    3. Finance (Pete) – Pete, Joe S., Joe
    4. Tournament (Bart) – Bart, Mitch, Dave, Joe
    5. Rules / Handicap (John & Greg) – Rules – John, Greg, ???
    6. Handicap – Greg, Chris, Bob
    7. Membership (Howard) – Howard, Jonathan, Bill
    8. Community Service (Matt) – Matt, Chris, Bob
    9. Communication (Joe) – Joe, Seizo, Matt
    10. Scholarship – (Jimmy) – Jimmy, Bart, Bill, Matt, Joe
  • Discuss 2024 Order of Business
  1. NOTES / FOLLOW UP: 2023 P&L ended with a profit of $235 (which will go to cover costs of trophy engraving)…continue to have separate major tournament P&Ls for improved management of budget. Board approved 2024 membership increase of +5% to be effective March 1, 2024.  2024 Tournament Calendar to be developed by Tournament Committee and shared with board in Feb meeting.  Dave P & Howard K to develop survey to new members on Golf Genius.  Chris T will develop survey for membership satisfaction.  For tax accountant, please send referrals to Joe or Pete.
  2. 2023 P&L Review (Pete)
  3. 2024 Annual Operating Plan (Joe)
  4. Proposal to Increase Membership Dues by +5%
    1. Standard $97 > $102
    2. Senior $86 >$90
    3. Junior $47 > $49
  5. 2024 Membership Update…53 members
  6. 2024 Tournament Schedule (Bart)
  7. Scholarship Program Update (Jimmy)
  8. Donations to Date …
    1. $6,475…includes $5,000 anonymous donation
    1. 501c-3 Transition
      1. Update by-laws to reflect new program
  9. SFMC Website Enhancements (Dave)
    1. Golf Genius Registrations
  10. Membership Satisfaction Survey (Joe)
  11. Tax Accountant Search (Joe/Pete)
  1. Golf Genius Management (Joe)
    1. NOTES / FOLLOW UP: consensus to divide responsibility of managing weekly GG events across board with Dave & Jack to lead. Dave to organize training for Board.
    2. Dave & Jack to lead
    3. Training for board members
    4. Weekly Event Management protocol
  2. Update on Trophy Engraving (Tristan)
    1. NOTES / FOLLOW UP: Tristan and Bek confirmed trophies are back in trophy house. Tristan to follow up with cost / receipt.
  3. Other:
      1. Board approved purchase of on course advertising from Sterling Farms.  Hole 16 has been selected at the cost of $625.
      2. John Mc will update website to reflect local rule F-5 and prepare communication to club.
      3. Greg Collins will prepare communication to club on changes to handicap in 2024 (i.e. posting 9 hole scores and posting shortened rounds)

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