Sterling Farms Men’s Club – April 2023 Meeting Minutes


Attendees: Joe McHugh, John McGroarty, Jack McGroarty, Bob Fogel, Howard Kraus, Bill Dugan, Mitchell Schepps, Seizo Mazer, Bill Ward, Pete Silver, Joe Paladino, Matt Stendardi, Tristan Chang, Greg Collins, Andrew Snyder, Bart Weissman, Jimmy Romaniello, Justin Beal, Bekim Ukparaj, Dave Persaud


Meeting Start Time: 7:01 PM

Meeting Adjourned: 8:38 PM


  1. Membership Update – Currently at 373 members with over 75 new members year to date.
    1. Bill Duggan to educate new members on the handicap tracking process to ensure proper scoring and correct handicaps are updated.
  2. Budget – SFMC is currently on track to break even this year based on projected budget and current revenue.
  3. Advertising
    1. Pensiero Refuse has been added to our sponsors list bringing the club to 7 sponsors currently. 
      1. Current sponsors to date: Sentinel, Active Dog, Coromandel, Park Ford, Pensiero Refuse, Port Chester Beer Distributors, and Rubino Bros.
  4. New board members
    1. Joe Paladino is the newest probationary member replacing Justin Beal’s seat.
    2. Andrew Snyder and Tristan Chang would like to remain members following their probationary period
  5. Opening Event
    1. No additional fees assessed for the 50/50. (Built into cost of event.) 
      1. 3 – $100 prizes will be offered
    2. Course Setup – SFMC to make suggestions to encourage a faster pace of play. 
    3. Pace of Play for Opening Event – Goal is 4 hrs and 15 minutes.
      1. We will monitor pace of play. 
      2. SFMC to reach out to slow players. 
      3. DP / BF to put together timetable for each tee time.
  6. Senior Member accommodations
    1. Trial of a white tee fourth flight with gross and net prizes will begin with 4 weekly events in May.
    2. For Majors (excl Opening Event), SFMC will offer a white tee option which excludes gross prizes.
  7. Membership committee – bulletin board bios to be updated. Meet the Board.
  8. Online Message Board – Tristan to send Dave link of Kickball league example to implement into new website.
  9. Club By Laws – revised by Bill Ward and circulated to Board Members. Will be finalized, adopted, and updated on website.
  10. Communications committee – MS / DP to coordinate with Bekim on nights to shoot videos.

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