SFMC Board of Governors

May 2023

Date/Time/Location: Tuesday, May 9th Board Room; 7PM


In Attendance:

Joe McHugh, Pete Silver, John McGroarty, Howard Kraus, Greg Collins, Jonathan Arist, Andrew Snyder, Seizo Mazer, Joe Sargis, Chris Terzian, Jack McGroarty, Joe Paladino, Bill Duggan, Bob, Fogel, Matt Stendardi, Bekim Ukperaj



Bart Weissman, Dave Persaud, Mitch Schepps, Tristan Chang, Bill Ward, Jim Romaniello


Meeting Started Promptly at 7PM – Run of Meeting


  • State of Club
    1. SFMC has 404 members as of May 9, 2023.
    2. Financials are strong YTD with a projected surplus (~$1,800) due to higher than planned number of members (404 vs. 355)
    3. The ~$1,800 surplus will be used to fund:
      1. Senior Division in Individual Weekly Events
      2. Member Member Purse
  • On Course Games Equipment
  • Board of Governors Updates
    1. We officially added Jack McGroarty & Joe Paladino to the board getting us back to 21 voting members
    2. Dave Persaud was nominated and voted in as the club’s 2nd Vice President leaving his currently role of Secretary
    3. Secretary is now an unfilled officer role and needs to be filled. Expectation is that someone on the board will step up and assume the role by next board meeting (June)
    4. Matt Stendardi will assume the role as Chair of the Community Service Committee
  • Tournament Updates
    1. Bekim addressed the Board Regarding Opening Event, Pace of Play & Club Matches…
      1. Going forward the expectation is that if the club has a planned event where we are given discounted rates and times blocked out to play, the SFMC must honor the commitment and play regardless of weather (unless course is closed)
      2. Pace of play continues to be a concern. The expectation is to keep up with the group in front of you.  Pace of Play limit is 4 hours 20 minutes and should not be the target.
  • For Governor’s Cup & Club Championship matches that end in a tie, the ability to play in a playoff is a privilege not a right. Bek will do his best to get the groups back out onto the course if possible but has no obligation to do so.  If matches that end in a tie that are unable to be decided in a playoff, we will have to find another way to decide.
    1. Tournament Committee is asked to come back with a proposal (i.e. coin flip / match of cards)
  1. Rain or Shine Policy / Refund Policy
    1. Going forward, all tournament invites will include a communication that events will be played rain or shine (unless course is closed due to unplayable conditions) and that no refunds will be issued past one week from the date of the event
  2. On Course Games Equipment
    1. Board voted to use part of surplus to fund our own equipment for Closest to Pin, Long drive, closest to line drive
    2. A purchase of $510.44 was since been made from Par West Turf to buy 4 CTP markers with measuring tape, 4 proximity markers for long/closest drive, and extra proximity cards
  3. Opening Event
    1. On Course Games
      1. Jack McGroarty will coordinate with the Pro Shop
    2. Raffle
      1. Jonathan Arist will collect raffle tickets and coordinate the draw of the three (3) $100 prizes
    3. Gov Cup
      1. Pace of Play
        1. Addressed with Bekim’s statement to the board
      2. Member Member
        1. Which tees to play?
          1. Board voted to adopt a “combo” tee structure for the event
            1. Except for Par 3s, blue & white tee markers will be placed together at or near the normal blue tee position
            2. On Par 3s, blue & white tee markers will be placed together at or near the normal white tee position
            3. The benefits of this tee structure will aim to:
              1. Make the day more fun & enjoyable for the players
              2. Aid in pace of play
  • Allow fairness and equality for all side action being played for (i.e. hat pool, on course games)
  1. Raffles (50/50 & Pro Shop Equipment)
    1. – John McGroarty will lead the coordination of both raffles
  • Need helpers for planning
    1. Hat Pool
  1. Mayfield Recognition
    1. Joe McHugh shared with the board Jeff Mayfield’s recognition gift
    2. John McGroarty will go to Clark Trophies at 20 Acosta Street, Suite 200 in Stamford (203) 325-3814 to pick up the President’s Plaque that Jeff Mayfield ordered last fall
  2. Senior Flight
    1. Feedback from seniors on board is very positive
  3. Winter Rules & Bunker Rule Update
    1. Board voted to move to Summer Rules & Eliminate the Bunker Rule as of Monday May 15th
  • Membership Committee update
    1. Online message board
      1. No Updates as Tristan was absent
  • Community Service / First Tee (Chris T/Bob Fogel)
    1. Date for First Tee club donation drive
      1. Donation Drive to run the month of May with the Member Member date being end of the drive…a communication to club announcing drive will be sent out by end of week
    2. Divot Filling Schedule
      1. $500 budget for year for pizza and beverages
        1. Matt will lead and come back with a plan leveraging the budget
  • Communication Committee update
    1. Website Migration Update (Dave P)
      1. Per Dave’s text to me…”New Website is basically up ( It’s a duplicate of the existing site. Now I’m working on tweaks to it to refresh the design a bit. The existing (Jamie’s website) is updated and will continue to be the main site until I’m ready to go live with the new site.”
  • Rules / Handicap Committee updates (John / Bill D)
    1. John will draft a note to be sent to the club reminding of the Two Club rule in Stroke Play and how to handle conflicts in Match Play
  • Meeting Concluded at 7:55PM
  • Finance Committee met at 8PM to review 2022 taxes with Club Accountant (Dee Dong)
    1. Dee explained to us what our tax obligations are as a non-profit organization
      1. We are exempt from income tax but are obliged to pay sales tax on anything the club purchases including food & beverage for events
    2. Dee reviewed thresholds & parameters for us to consider since we leverage the 990EZ form
    3. Taxes were signed by Club President (Joe McHugh)
    4. Meeting officially ended at 8:50PM

Lights & windows shut, door locked (as witnessed by Joe McHugh & Joe Sargis)

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