Sterling Farms Men’s Club – June 2023 Meeting Minutes
Attendees: Joe McHugh, Jack McGroarty, Greg Collins, Mitchell Schepps, Bart Weissman, Jim Romaniello, Andrew Chuckas, Jonathan Arist, Bob Fogel, Bekim Ukparaj, Howard Kraus, Dave Persaud, Chris Terzian, Seizo Mazer, Pete Silver, Joe Paladino,
– 416 Members to date
– 2023 to Date Operating Loss of $677 (2 Majors left to make $350 back each at least)
– $718 PROFIT from Opening Event
– $532 LOSS from Member Member
  – 3 no-shows here, 1 group was not filled by us, 1 guy showed up blind and was added as 5some
Upcoming Member Guest
– Sold out even with the HIGH $$$ of $368 per feedback – breakdown makes sense as it includes tee time, carts, and food & beverage.
– VOLUNTEERS?? – Angela running tourney day-of on-site
Possible re-send AGAIN of Etiquette email
– Bunker rule of lift clean and place and raking is NOT mutually exclusive
– Pace of Play in tournaments – 5 hours plus for Mem Mem (explicitly tell partners to line up putt while the others putt, don’t stay in same cart if diving, split up to go to your ball, KNOW THE RULES before you go play to save time on drops, penalties, re-tees etc)
– Rhetoric to Grounds Crew and Bek – completely unacceptable regardless – we are all adults
 – Carbon copy of Jamie’s with new updates piece by piece – new link is http://www.sterlingfarmsmensclub.com
– Need to Update the POY on the website – is up to date currently for the season
      – small note here on reminder for no points in CC for forfeit and coin toss
– Message board forum in BETA on ancillary site – per Tristan is will be live in a week or two
– Change link on back end of sterlingfarmsgc.com to connect to new site
First Tee Club
– donations ready to go – Bek and/or Sally will help when they come to pick up
Divot Fill Round 2
– July 19
– Bring Your Own Bucket and Scoop!
President Plaque – beat up, need new one – John M handling
World Amateur Match Play
– Andrew sent link
– April to Oct qualify season final in Dubai – $14000 price tag (discount to $12,600)
Greg’s Gallery – THANK YOU GREG!
– Get on website and social to increase engagement amongst players!
– currently on Social tab of GG for some
Extra notes:
– too many people not getting in CC matches – one pair NEVER contacted each other
– Need to get tighter on Tees to play for each weekly event – Senior Division playing with Reg Division in team events and Stroke from Tips example

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