Sterling Farms Men’s Club Meeting Minutes – January 2023


Date – 1/10/2023

Members in attendance: Joe McHugh, Jonathan Arist, Bart Weissman, Bill Ward, Howard Kraus, Mitchell Schepps, Chris Terzian, Bekim Ukperaj, Matt Stendardi, Bob Fogel, Pete Silver, John McGroarty, Joe Sargis, Bill Duggan, Greg Collins, Dave Persaud


Meeting Start: 7:03 PM

Meeting End: 8:40 PM


  1. New Board Members
    1. Survey conducted to vote on new Board of Governor’s nominees. 
    2. Jack McGroarty, Mike LaFeve, and Andrew Snyder will be invited to join the Board.
  2. Budget / Annual Operating Plan
    1. Proposed changes
      1. Rate increase of +10% – Agreed, no objections
      2. Free membership to sponsors – Agreed, no objections
      3. MGA Rules Seminars Reimbursement – Agreed, no objections
      4. 23 Events (+1 vs. ‘22) with Weekly prizes to Top 5 places only; eliminating payout to 6th & 7th spots – Agreed, no objections
      5. Trophy budget for Major winners
        1. 60% disagreed with proposed list of trophies
        2. 93% agreed with a POY Trophy
        3. Membership Committee to look at how to bring value to the membership via the boards outside the Pro Shop
      6. Paid Tee times for Club Championship & POY Finalists
        1. 53% disagreed with having Tee Times paid
        2. 60% agreed with paying for POY Tee times
      7. Eliminating Holiday party and having POY BBQ – Agreed, no objections
      8. Extend free membership to Stamford High and Westhill High School players
        1. Community Service committee to take this under advisement and follow up with a proposal for what their membership looks like and assess the costs associated with this.
  3. Tournament Schedule
    1. Proposed changes for 2023
      1. Return to Shotgun format for 3 Major events
        1. New Thursday MM / MG event proposed
        2. Sr. Club Championship proposed to move to a 36-hole stroke play format
      2. Season set to start on Mar 31 / April 2
  4. GolfHub
    1. Differing opinions on whether GolfHub is a replacement for our website
    2. Matt, Seizo, and Dave to look deeper into replacing current website with GolfHub.
    3. Dave to download and archive all content from existing SFMC website for future reference. 
  5. Rules Committee
    1. Rules Seminar at end of April 
    2. Propose to do this underneath the tent
    3. Bekim to revert back with possible options to host this seminar
    4. Potential to record video of the rules seminar.
    5. Matt and Dave to meet to plan out creating videos with rules explanations.
  6. Suggested Amendments to the SFMC By Laws
    1. Annual Reports are now up to date
    2. Bill Ward to provide more specific recommendations to By Laws including:
      1. Provisions for changes to Board elections
      2. Dismissal after 5 missed meetings
  7. Tax Filing for 2022
    1. Pete coordinating with Dee Dong to finalize 2022 tax filings

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