February 2014 Minutes

February 2014 SFMC Minutes – 2/11/14 – 7:30pm

Jeff Mayfield;
Discussed 2014 Membership Dues and was decided to increase the dues $5.00 for all categories.

The schedule for the 2014 season was reviewed and the group liked the idea that the Member/Member and the Member/Guest was moved to be played on Sundays this year. We are hoping for a much better turnout that in 2013.

The fee structure for the Member/Member was lowered to $65.00 per person while the Member/Guest fee was raised to $85.00 per person. The Board is hoping that the revised fee structure & Sunday dates will increase participation.

Howard Kraus suggested that we use the email list of “Permit Holders” to market the Men’s Club to. Jeff will follow up with Paul on obtaining the list. The group agreed that an increase of 10% in membership will go a long way to making the club be on the positive side of the budget.

Treasurer – Joe Sargis;
Joe did an excellent job with his presentation of the 2014 SFMC Budget. The Board voted on his projected budget and it was approved as presented.

Group Discussion;
-Voted to eliminate Interclub shirts in order to save the expense. No decision reached on Shoreline shirts.
-In favor of adding a couple of boxes of Pro V1’s to the 50/50 raffles as consolation prizes.
-Some members did not like the idea of qualifiers paying an extra $20.00 once they make the Interclub or Shoreline team, but no decision was reached on a solution.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:40pm

In Attendance:
Jeff Mayfield, Steve Carriero, Joe Sargis, Stuart Bufferd, Bob Morris, Pete Silver, Howard Kraus, John McGroarty, JR, Billy Lombardo, Bart Weissman, Tom Aberle, Jimmy Romaniello & Steve Scorziello.

Not Present:
Chris Velander, Frank Rubino, Mitchell Schepps & Marc Schultz

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