Best Ball of Two (May 22-25, 2020)

Pos.PlayersTo Par GrossTotal GrossPursePoints
1Russo, Jamie + Sieh, Andre173$40.00100
Vassalotti, Mark + Schepps, Mitchell173  
2Rubino, Frank + Marciano, Anthony375$30.0080
Humphrey, Drew + Masi, John476  
3Wells, Skip + McHugh, Joseph476$20.0060
4McMonagle, Cahal + Brady, Brendan476$16.0040
5D’estrada, Art + Rossi, Brian577$14.0020
Pos.PlayersTo Par NetTotal NetPursePoints
1Vassalotti, Mark + Schepps, Mitchell-765$40.00100
2Humphrey, Drew + Masi, John-567$30.0080
3Stendardi, Matthew + Malloy, Shaun-567$20.0060
4Lionetti, Alex + Corbo, Kevin-567$16.0040
D’estrada, Art + Rossi, Brian-567  
Russo, Jamie + Sieh, Andre-468  
5Morris, Bill + Silver, Peter-468$14.0020
6Farrell, Brian + Hochstedler, Shelton-468$12.00 
7Canora, Lenny + Kolenberg, Bob-468$10.00

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