Sentinel Maintenance PoY Standings Through 4/28/19

1Declan McCabe410
2Ted Blackinton340
3Brian Farrell300
3Jerry Marifke300
3Andrew Gardiner300
6Bart Weissman260
7Lenny Canora245
8Bob Kolenberg205
9Kevin Behan200
9Eric Bleile200
11Jason Denker175
11Paul Molina175
13Brian Stunkel170
13Jonathan Papp170
15Jeremy Kowalski160
16Justin Beal150
16Paul Spingola150
18John Martellino140
18Shelton Hochstedler140
18Eric Pentore140
21Chad Weissman130
22Terry Rhodes120
22Jamie Russo120
24Dave Oberhand100
24Joe Truglia100
26Leon Shapiro90
26Mark Vassalotti90
26Mitchell Schepps90
26Claude Berstein90
30Skip Wells80
30Steve Rossi80
30Joe McHugh80
30Rich Giordana80
30Andre Sieh80
35Brian Rossi70
35Peter Rathman70
37Howard Kraus60
37Howie Meditz60
37Bob Fogel60
37Kerrin Behrend60
37Jeff Mayfield60
37Joe Paladino60

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