How to proceed after your Governor’s Cup and Club Championship matches!

SFMC members,

In past years, writing your score on the scoreboard outside the Pro Shop, or annotating the result of your CC or G-Cup match, was our way of establishing that you have officially “returned” your scorecard and established that the result was final. Now that we rely on Golf Genius, and don’t touch the scoreboard, we need to reestablish your intention to formally end your round.

Effective immediately, after posting on Golf Genius, please note that you have one hour after completion of your last hole to alert a member of the Rules Committee of some scoring or rules question. If you have no issues, no problem, just ignore this and let the time expire, but if you do have an issue that you need a ruling on, or if you think you need to protect your rights, shoot me an email before the hour expires: Your rights will be protected, and I will resolve your issue as promptly as I can.

Howie Meditz
Rules Chairman