February 2022 Board of Governors Meeting Minutes

Attendees: John McGroarty, Greg Collins, Seizo Mazer, Joe McHugh, Bart Weissman, Robert
Haggerty, Jeff Mayfield, Matt Stendardi, Christopher Terzian, Justin Beal, Jamie Russo, Howard
Kraus, Dave Persaud
Meeting start: 7:04 PM
Meeting adjourned: 7:42PM
1. Introductions of new members: Greg Collins, Matt Stendardi, and Chris Terzian
2. Bunker Play for 2022 season
a. Labor Shortage may impact playability of bunkers.
b. Make a decision in March meeting.
c. Suggestion to make an announcement by March 30th.
3. Schedule
a. To be uploaded to Golf Genius
4. Budget / P&L
a. Pete Silver distributed
b. Board reviewed budget
c. Joe McHugh to come back with recommendations on trophies, banquet costs
d. Seizo Mazer to revisit budget for Closest to the Pin event
5. Thursdays are out for Weekend Events
6. Next meeting in person at Sterling

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