Sterling Farms, 2017 Shoreline Champions!


In a hard-fought victory, Sterling Farms was able to hold off a game team from Fairchild-Wheeler to claim the Shoreline title.  Sterling came in with 997 strokes and Fairchild-Wheeler, the nearest competitor, came in with 1011.  The other teams trailed.

Your Shoreline team:

10 & Under:
Tom Aberle
Declan McCabe
Mike Calderone
Skip Wells
Mike McCarthy
Marc Schultz
Chris Velander

11 – 20:
Joe McHugh
Jake Ninan
Lenny Canora
Peter Szemenyei
Pete Silver
Howard Kraus
Bob Fogel

Executive Bracket:
Frank Rubino
Jeff Mayfield

Congratulations to everyone on the team and to all those who helped out!

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