Hail To The Champs! 2019 Club Championship Results


Here are the results of the 2019 Club Championships.  (I have been waiting for all the matches to be completed before sending out the results, but one match is yet to be played and waiting any longer would be ridiculous.)  So here goes:

Championship Flight
Eric Bleile defeated Eric Pentore 3 & 2.  Bleile had a comfortable lead late in the match until Pentore put a charge on him, winning four straight holes.  The magic ran out on 16, though, where Bleile steadied himself to claim his third club championship. 

Senior Flight
Frank Geiger defeated Mike Fitzpatrick in a battle of two new guys imported from Fairfield.  Now, can Geiger win five more in a row to tie the Vassalotti streak?

A Flight
Colin Velander defeated Ryan Duggan 2 & 1 in a battle of young power players.

B Flight
Lenny Canora defeated Bob Kolenberg 3 up.  No wonder why these guys are currently 1–2 in the Player of the Year race.

C Flight
Kerrin Behrend defeated Mark Rossetti 4 & 3.  Kerrin said he simply outlasted Rossetti in a war of attrition. 

D Flight
Bernstein vs Farrell TBD

Congratulations to all the winners, runners-up, and to everyone else who participated!  Next year we will talk about a more appropriate adherence to the schedule!

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