November 2014 Minutes

In Attendance: Jeff Mayfield, Steve Carriero, Joe Sargis, Frank Rubino, Pete Silver, Howard Kraus, John McGroarty, JR, Marc Schultz,  Bart Weissman, Bob Morris, Howie Meditz. Chris Pulaski, Seizo Mazer

Absent: Stuart Bufferd, Mitchell Schepps, Billy Lombardo, Jimmy Romaniello, Steve Scorziello, Tom Aberle

Issues Discussed:
The spelling on Stuart’s attendance sheet should be corrected to reflect the name Seizo Mazer.  Not Seizer.
Joe delivers season-ending financial report.  Bottom line: the club had an excellent year.  The club actually made a small profit this year, which was a dramatic improvement over last year’s 3K loss.  Any profits, it was agreed, should be put into a Shoreline Fund, since this tournament is always a big money drain.  Sterling will next host the Shoreline in 2018.  Belt-tightening and reining in food costs largely cited as reasons for improved financial performance.
Next year’s officer/chairman line-up more or less staying the same with the exception of Howie Meditz taking over as rules chairman and Bob Morris stepping down to become jokes chairman.
Stuart Bufferd voted in unanimously as secretary.  Way to go Stuart!
$200 gift card approved for Angela’s marriage.  Bart to procure.
Holiday party to be held at Hope Pizza on December 9th at 7:00 PM.  Jeff to invite guests.
Bart and Jimmy to measure space and get cost for new Club Champion’s board.
Encourage more players to tee it up on the white tees.  Howie recommends two-stroke formula, meaning if you tee it up from the whites, you drop your handicap by two and play as normal.  This technique would eliminate the need for a separate White Tee tournament and would allow players within a foursome, all playing the weekend event, to play from the tees of their choice.  Howie to further investigate to make sure that the two-stroke formula is accurate.
Pete recommends a Super Senior (65 and older) Club Champions bracket.  Further discussion needed.
Meeting adjourned 8:15

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