May 8-10 Results


Gross Gross Net Net
Finish Name Score Finish Name Score
1st Jason Denker 66 1st Pat Francis 62
Mike Krahn Ed Lynam
2nd Rafi Labourdette 72 2nd John Palmer 63
Lance McGray Rich Giordano
3rd Jimmy Iosifidis 75 3rd Panos Triantafyllos 64
Ben Bauer Jamie Russo
4th Chris Velander 75 4th Art D’Estrada 65
Doug Jamieson Steve Rossi
5th Dan Hogan 65
Chris Tensen
6th Frank Santilli 66
Bruce Beckett
7th Josh Fedeli 66
Matt Rende
8th Armand Liguori 66
Paul Larson

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2017 Opening Event Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Opening Event. We had a beautiful day and lots of great scores. (A record low gross to my ...