July 6 – July 8: Sucker in the Bucket



Gross Gross Net Net
Finish Name Score Finish Name Score
1st Dennis Vagnone 72 1st Jeff Bankson 62
Ralph Vitti Brian Bankson
Paul Vaccaro Rich Giordano
Rob Colucci Chris Tensen
2nd Andre Sieh 73 2nd Brian Stunkel 62
Jamie Russo Kevin Behan
Seizo Mazer Terry Rhodes
Tony Tedesco John McGroarty
3rd Skip Wells 79 3rd Mitch Schepps 63
Lenny Canora Kevin Fahey
Joe McHugh Peter Rathman
Chris Terzian Scott Lerner
4th Jeff Mayfield 80 4th Howard Kraus 64
Billy Lombardo Bob Fogel
Jack Palmer Mark Staines
Pat O’Brien Dave Oberhand
5th Steve Rossi 65
Brian Rossi
Art D’Estrada
6th Ben Moskowitz 68
Dave Moskowitz
Phil Granowitz
7th Howie Meditz 68
Mark Vassalotti
Pete Silver
Peter Benoliel

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The rules are a changin’… maybe!

In the proposed changes, there will be no more “water hazards.”  All current water hazards, plus any other red-staked areas, will be deemed “penalty areas.” ...