2017 Sterling Farms Men’s Club Closing Event Results


Here are your 2017 Sterling Farms Men’s Club Closing Event Results



1) Jason Denker/Marc Schultz 65

2) Bart Weissman/Jerry Marifke 67

3) Peter Szemenyei/Skip Wells 70

4) Rob Colucci/Jeff Mayfield 73 (Match of cards)

5) Marc Romano/Ralph Vitti III 73


1) Rob Whetsell/Robert Newman 60

2) Jamie Russo/Panos Triantafyllos 62

3) Jei Xing/Mike Bicknell 63

4) Ben Moskowitz/David Moskowitz 64 (Match of cards)

5) Dennis Conroy/Mark Sutton 64

The event winners will be paid in Pro Shop credit in the following amounts, gross and net: $75, $60, $50, $40, $30. Guests will get a gift certificate…members will have the money written into the book.

Winner of the 50/50 was Brian Stunkel. Belly up to the bar on Brian!

Winner of the closet to the pin 50/50 was Pete Silver. Pete beat Robert Whetsell by one inch. One inch! Chris Terzian beat them both by a foot but didn’t put in the 5 bucks to enter the contest!

Apart from the Player of the Year Finals next week and for the unofficial 3-club tournament sometime soon, this concludes the regular Men’s Club season. Thank you all for making it another great year for the Men’s Club.

See you in the spring, Jeff Mayfield

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