Get ‘new’ grips on your golf clubs for under $6!

The golf season is fast approaching, some of us have never stopped, and it’s time to get out the ol’ clubs and get them ready for the season. Many of us don’t clean our grips as often as we should, you should clean them after every round, and our grips tend to get shinny and slick and lose their tackiness. Re-gripping ever season can be costly with grips averaging $6 per grip plus a few dollars per club for the actual regripping. At $9 per club, multiplied by 14, and you’re looking to spend $126 to have all of your grips done. There’s a simple, fast, and best of all, CHEAP, way to get ‘new’ grips. Fine grit sandpaper!

About a decade ago I followed Tiger at the Buick Classic at Westchester Country Club and I saw him wiping his clubs with something. When he was by me I inquired about what the hell he was doing since it didn’t look like he was using a rag. He said before every tournament he takes some fine grit sandpaper and rubs the grips down. It takes off the shine, and slickness, and makes them like new. If you have cord grips, you’ll get even more of a benefit. Ever since then, I take some fine grit sandpaper to my clubs multiple times a year. Sanding your grips, in addition to cleaning them once a week, or after every shot, will make your grips last for years.

The process is rather simple. I like to use a sheetrock sanding sponge. It’s easier to use than sand paper. Here’s a link to one on Amazon. You want to sand every part of the grip until it loses all of its shine. Sand outside, or over a garbage can, as there will be fine rubber dust. After you sand each club give them a quick soap and water wash and you’re all set. For under $6, possibly free if you’re a handyman, and within 20 minutes, you’ll have a fresh pair of grips ready for the new season. Do it a couple more times during the season to keep those grips fresh!

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