2014 Aug 1 – Aug 3 Weekend & White Tee Results

Matchplay vs. Par

+ to 10 Handicap     
1st Jason Denker 2 up
2nd Mark Studer 1 up
3rd Brian Rossi 6 down
4th Alex Lionetti 6 down

1st Don Collins 3 up
2nd  Bill Duggan 2 up
3rd Ron Spitzberg 2 up
4th Seth Burston 1 up
5th Tom Wieken even
6th Josh Fedeli 2down

11 to 16     
1st Tom Aberle 6 down
2nd Chris Velander 7 down
3rd Brian Stunkel 9 down
4th Myron Melinkoff 11 down

1st Joe Carvelli 5 up
2nd Terry Rhodes 2 up
3rd Kevin Fahey even
4th Howard Meditz even
5th John Payne 1 down
6th Kevin Behan 2 down

17 plus     
1st Ralph Dagostino 12 down
2nd James Robertson 13 down

1st Paul Larson 1 down
2nd Howard Dubman 2 down
3rd Dave Oberhand 4 down

All White Tee     
1st Art D’Estrada 3 up

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