2015 Message from the President

Welcome to the 2015 Men’s Club Season at Sterling Farms!

We had a super 2014 season, with participation up in all of our major events.  We want to do even better this year!

Our goal is to provide fun, fair competition to all of our member’s, no matter what their handicap level.  We offer nearly thirty weekend events and ten major or mini-major tournaments.  Take a look at all the benefits that your membership entitles you to:

–Handicap and GHIN #
–Access to over $18,000 in prizes over the course of the year
–The Sentinel Maintenance Player of the Year competition, with huge year-end prizes
–Member-Member and Member-Guest Tournaments
–President’s Cup and Vice President’s Cup
–Governor’s Cup
–Club Championship
–Season Opening and Closing Tournaments
–Interclub (Sterling v Hubbard) and Shoreline (Sterling v other area courses)
–Access to CSGA, MGA & WGA events
–Free Subscription to Golf Digest

This year we’re making a change to the structure of our weekend events.  All you white tee players, or guys who would prefer to play the white tees, listen up.  We are doing away with the weeklong White Tee tournament and instead allowing competitors to play from either the white or blue tees in standard weekend events.  If you choose to play from the whites, go to the Pro Shop computer to get your white tee handicap.  Then subtract two strokes from it and write that number on the board.  Again: white tee handicap minus 2 strokes lets you compete fairly against guys playing the blues.  Failure to follow the formula will lead to a DQ.

We’re also welcoming a new sponsor for our yearlong Player of the Year competition.  Marc Schultz and his team at Sentinel Maintenance have stepped up to fund our event.  Sentinel cleans construction projects and high rise windows, and does daily maintenance for well-known properties throughout North America.  When you see Marc, give him a big round of applause.  He certainly deserves it.

Finally, we’re not raising rates this year.  We’re keeping them as low as possible to encourage players to both join the club and participate in our many events.

I look forward to seeing you on the course this year and hope that you participate in as many events as possible.

See you soon,

Jeff Mayfield
President, Sterling Farm Men’s Club

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