Our Governor’s Cup Champions


Here are the winners and runner-up players in the Governor’s Cup tournament.

Winners will receive $50 each in pro shop credit and runners up $30. Congrats to all!


Ben Hogan Bracket:
Jamie Russo/Andre Sieh
Jason Denker/Matt Rende

Arnold Palmer Bracket:
Max Gross/Mike Tiscia
Rafi Labourdette/Lance McGray

Jack Nicklaus Bracket:
Paul Molina/Jacob Rocco
Tory O’Sullivan/Justin Askew

Gary Player Bracket:
John Sanfilippo/Ron Slpitzberg
Stephen Osmond/Robert Whetsell

Byron Nelson Bracket:
Tim Dausch/Howie Meditz
Dennis Mancini/George Bernardo

Lee Trevino Bracket:
Peter Rathman/Kevin Fahey
Brian Palmeri/Greg Bautista

Greg Norman Bracket:
Justin Beal/Luis Lemus
Jim Cook/Leon Shapiro

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